Beginning of the ENDS

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What are ENDS?

Starting August 8th, the vaping industry is entering the era of ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System). This marks a new chapter in the vaping industry as the FDA subjects ENDS to its authorities. Under this final rule, ENDS as well as its components and parts such as e-liquids, will be considered a Tobacco Product. ENDS, of which electronic cigarettes are the most common prototype, are devices that do not burn or use tobacco leaves but instead vaporize a solution the user then inhales.
Rest assured, Liquid Barn is working diligently to make sure our products receive market authorization, and will also be providing the FDA with Master Files for all of our affiliate business clients to use for submission of their product’s market authorization.
Final rule deems all products meeting the statutory definition of tobacco product, including components or parts to be subject to FDA’s tobacco product authorities.

Click here for more information about important dates to know.

Click here for more information on the FDA’s New Regulations for E-Cigarettes, Cigars, and All Other Tobacco Products.

Deemed Products include, but are not limited to:

ENDS Liquid Barn FDA deeming regulation

ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System)
  • eCcigarettes
  • eCigars
  • eHookah
  • Vape pens
  • Personal vaporizers
  • Electronic pipes
  • Combusted, Filtered
  • Combusted, Non-Filtered
  • Combusted, Other
  • Non-Combusted
Roll-Your-Own Tobacco Products
  • Roll-Your-Own Tobacco Filler
  • Rolling Paper
  • Filtered Cigarette Tube
  • Non-Filtered Cigarette Tube
  • Filter
  • Paper Tip
  • Roll-Your-Own Co-Package
  • Other
Smokeless Tobacco Products
  • Loose Moist Snuff
  • Portioned Moist Snuff
  • Loose Snus
  • Portioned Snus
  • Loose Dry Snuff
  • Dissolvable
  • Loose Chewing Tobacco
  • Portioned Chewing Tobacco
  • Smokeless Co-Package
  • Other
  • Filtered, Sheet-Wrapped Cigar
  • Unfiltered, Sheet-Wrapped Cigar
  • Leaf-Wrapped Cigar
  • Cigar Component
  • Cigar Tobacco Filler
  • Cigar Co-Package
  • Other
Pipe Tobacco Products
  • Pipe
  • Pipe Tobacco Filler
  • Pipe Component
  • Pipe Co-Package
  • Other 

With the most trusted name in vaping, your safety and satisfaction is important to us.

ENDS Liquid Barn FDA deeming regulation

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  • I smoked 3pks a day in cigs, then tried vaping , thinking this crap isn’t going to help me. Well to my utter astonishment, it’s been almost 2years to the day,that I haven’t smoked a cigarette one, I make my own juice for a fraction of the cost of cigs,and vape either 3mg nicotine or 0 mg nicotine. I tried EVERYTHING out there to help me stop smoking . NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING helped but vaping. Now I’m a dedicated vapor. And my lungs and body feel SOOOO much better. Vaping is all that worked for me and I advise anyone to try it if your trying to stop those dang killer coffin nails. Give it a try all you have to lose is your LIFE.

    Bryan Adams on

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