WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Introducing CNT Nicotine

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Do you want the good news or the great news first?

The good news is that we’re bringing you the most premium nicotine available: CNT.

The great news is that both Nicotine and Nicotine SALT solutions are now available at Liquid Barn for DIY vape juice. And the best news is at the end of this article -- more below.

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What is CNT Nicotine?

CNT (Contraf-Nicotex-Tobacco) is the highest-grade nicotine in the industry. Period. We’re super excited about CNT Nicotine for many reasons, but mainly due to its ultra-low impurity levels and superior neutral taste profile.

Sounds fancy.

Manufactured in Switzerland, it’s the same high-quality nicotine produced, distributed and approved for use in the pharmaceutical industry by the FDA. And it comes with a back stock of nicotine equal to the 2-year world supply… meaning this nicotine won’t suddenly go out of stock when you need it most.

So it complies with all that FDA stuff in the news?

Oh yeah. CNT is ready for the FDA’s Pre-Market Tobacco Authorization (PMTA) and is the only nicotine source with a Tobacco Master File Number (TMF#). It’s also one of the only companies that controls both the growing of tobacco and nicotine extraction processes, which is inspected by the FDA each step of the way.

Why is that so important?

Because the future of vaping and DIY depends on companies going the extra mile to stay compliant with responsible products for vapers to enjoy. Our relationship with CNT is focused on just that: working with accountable organizations who best ensure the realization of that future. Our priority is to continually evolve our product line to balance quality, customer needs, and the ever-changing regulations. We’re confident that [CNT] does exactly that.  

Over the years, Liquid Barn has had direct experience with some of the top global nicotine sources… and they all pale in comparison when it comes to CNT. After sending our team to the CNT facility to check out their entire operation (from tobacco to nicotine) this decision was a no-brainer.

So what’s changing?

Liquid Barn uses CNT nicotine in all of our BASIC eLiquid products and use their Tobacco Master File Number for reference in FDA submissions. By popular demand, we’re now also offering the same premium Nicotine Solution (48mg & 100mg) and Nicotine SALT Solution (100mg) for DIY vape juice.

There’s Nicotine SALT Solution now too?

You bet your JUUL there is.

We are doing everything we can to provide products that allow vapers to continue customizing their juice according to taste. Together we’re making sure that a BASIC form of eLiquid and Nicotine Solutions remain on the market, working with CNT and other companies to find a suitable solution to keep our community in existence while planning for longevity. 

And now for the best news...

For a limited time, we’re offering CNT Nicotine Solutions at a reduced price! Try now and get 30% OFF your first CNT purchase.



Due to its high quality and the regulatory checkmarks met, CNT products are normally priced slightly higher than NicSelect. Once you try CNT Nicotine, you’ll understand why.

For a limited time, however, you can try CNT Nicotine Solutions and Nicotine Salt Solutions at 30% OFF by using the discount code: TRYCNT

In fact, we invite you to try the new CNT and tell us how it compares to your previous nicotine solutions! Send us your feedback or leave a review for a chance to win free flavors and DIY liquids.

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