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“Better safe than sorry” isn’t just an expression -- it’s the philosophy behind every product innovation at Liquid Barn.

While others may be in a race to comply with changing FDA regulations, our efforts from day one have been to proactively push the envelope in terms of vaping optimization, usability and responsibility.

Over the years, we’ve made it our mission to move the entire industry forward in a positive light, introducing innovations you’ve come to know and love like: 

  • DIY KITS to help easily and safely get started with mixing.
  • Streamlined BASE - unflavored eLiquid that leaves the PG, VG and Nicotine mixing to us, so that Tastemakers like you can focus on flavor creation.
  • Simplified FLAVOR CARTRIDGES and ONE SHOTS to optimize the flavoring process, without the need of any additional labware, scales, or tools.
  • And of course, the BASE SHORT-FILLS to make it all even more effortless.

Maybe the expression should be “better simple than sorry” ;)

Our intention with every LB innovation is to preserve what vaping and DIY are all about: the flexibility to create your personalized flavor experience... and the freedom to be a Tastemaker.

With that in mind, our latest stride in DIY is here: DIY eJuice Bottles.

DIY eJuice Bottles

If you thought our eLiquid bottles couldn’t be easier to use -- think again. They’re now equipped with a Liquid Barn exclusive FILL METER (ruled marking on the side to make measuring and mixing with labware a thing of the past) and a REMOVABLE TIP (making adding your favorite flavor a breeze.)

And that’s not all. What was originally the simplest way to DIY is now a more responsible way to DIY.

In our effort to make sure all DIY bottles are labeled properly – we’ve committed to:

1) All DIY eJuice Bottles being labeled with WARNINGS which include both a tobacco warning and open space for you to customize with designs or recipe names.

2) Offering Tobacco WARNING Vape Bands**: easy to use bands that help you mark your eLiquid and protect your mods.

Vape Band states:

"WARNING: This product contains tobacco.

**all proceeds go towards vaping advocacy.


Together we can all play a role in legitimizing and improving the modern vaping industry. Don’t forget to do your part as a Tastemaker by properly labeling and securing tobacco products. We’re all in this together. That said, drop us a line if you have any suggestions or ideas you’d like heard.

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