WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

FDA Restricts Flavored e-Cigarettes and Vaping Products

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Winter is... finally here.

If you’ve been paying attention over the past two years, you know that the FDA has dramatically changed the landscape of vaping -- see our posts on [8/8 “Freeze Period”] and [action taken against marketing flavors].

But yesterday, sh*t got real.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., issued a statement outlining new steps to restrict the sale of flavored Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) and cigarettes, a measure aiming to prevent access to minors after reports of heightened teen vaping this year (ENDS include all Vape Juice, eLiquid, eJuice and nicotine products).

Here’s what’s on the chopping block -- and what that means for you:

Sale restrictions on ALL flavored ENDS products. Flavored e-juice (excluding tobacco, mint and menthol flavors) can only be sold in-person at locations with age restrictions, like vape/head shops or closed-off retail areas. Basically, no more convenience stores. You can also expect “robust age verification procedures” for products sold online.

A proposed ban of menthol in combustible tobacco products. This will only apply to cigarettes and cigars… for now. The FDA acknowledged that nixing menthol from ENDS may deter teens and adults from switching to vaping, a healthier alternative to cigarettes.

A proposed policy to ban flavors in cigars. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Here’s the deal: the FDA’s efforts are to “impact the ability of American kids to access tobacco products.” We get it, and agree that minors should not have access to ENDS or vaping.

That’s the law.

However, we don’t think banning flavors will accomplish that -- in the same way that banning flavored alcohol won’t stop people from drinking.  And while a full flavor ban isn’t on the horizon yet, removing them from certain stores and shelves may be a sign of what’s to come...

So what's next?

The spotlight is now on the vaping industry to not just play by the FDA's rules, but to take extra steps to ensure ENDS don't get into the wrong hands.

Companies like JUUL and Liquid Barn are leading the way on this one. Prior to the FDA Announcement, JUUL chose to remove their flavored products from convenience stores and delete their social media accounts. On the other hand, we at Liquid Barn have been making strides to ensure that Tastemakers like you preserve the right to control your vaping experience, with a pre-8/8 product that the new ruling doesn’t affect: Unflavored eLiquid.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

   Unflavored eLiquid

A uniquely flavorless product, Unflavored eLiquid checks all the boxes that the FDA is looking for: no flavors, no marketing gimmicks… just pure eJuice (available with or without nicotine). With flavors sold separately (including your favorite One Shots from our Tastemaker Collection) it’s the easiest way to get what you want and skip the hassle.

And while the flavor ban doesn’t necessarily affect us at Liquid Barn, we’re concerned with the impact this ruling will have on the vaping industry overall. Only time will tell how far the FDA will take this legislation. But if there is a full ban on flavored eLiquid, get ready to see a lot more people switching to DIY.

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  • I never liked the candy flavored juices or additives and am apprehensive about flavors in general, because they never contain a list of ingredients.

    I do think that the candy flavors appealed to minors, and it is generally accepted that minors should not be smoking/vaping.

    Luckily, I am fine with mint. If someone would market a flavoring that specified it contained actual mint, from a mint plant, I would buy it.

    Yes, I know nicotine is a poison. It puts the kibosh of aphids and other plant pets, and it can kill a baby if it has enough.

    And it is a stupid excuse to say our commercially prepared food contains poisons (it does) but until the FDA goes after manufacturers for adding sugar to EVERYTHING, and lord knows what else, I think it’s hypocritical to target one source of potential harm instead of sources of actual harm.

    I think the Basic idea is great, and circumvents any argument that the product is aimed at children.

    Best of luck, and still your customer.

    Jo on
  • I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person whose head is about to explode with the logic behind this move by the FDA.

    I guess I’m a little saddened by the concessions Juul and others are beginning to make, but rather than lose access to vaping supplies and juice all together, I suppose I can get on board with these decisions. There are any number of potentially hazardous activities that adults do that are age restricted. Driving, drinking, smoking just to name a few. I don’t believe we’re pulling beer and wine out of convenience stores. I doubt that wall of tobacco products currently sitting behind the counter at every gas station is America is going anywhere. So, I have to ask “why” the vaping devices and consumables like e-juice?

    There are three major reasons, two of which I’ve seen mentioned below. First, “Big Tobacco” may feel threatened by the fact we might have finally found a “traditional smoking” cessation system that works. “We” want to have as nearly a “smoke free” society as possible….but here we go. Now that it’s within the grasp of becoming a reality, we find a reason to back off from that brink.

    Second, think about some of the commercials you see on television about our “traditional smoking cessation” drugs like Chantix. I’ve tried that in the past. It didn’t work. About nine weeks ago, I started vaping through the use of a SMOK Fit Kit pod system. I liked it. It filled the “hole” created by NOT smoking traditional products from Phillip Morris OR using the drugs to reduce my “dependence” on the tobacco delivery system for my nicotine addiction. (I confess, I like it, need it, and currently don’t see the reason to quit altogether.) A strap hanger to the “Big Pharma” lobby may be in fact some members of “Big Medicine” read psychologists/psychiatrists who make a living with their traditional smoking cessation treatments. Is it possible THEY don’t want us to leave the tar and carcinogens alone without their help?

    Finally, as a long-time government servant, I have to confess that if you find government to be the answer to a question, it was probably a dumb question. The only thing that keeps me sane is that I’ve always served a portion of our government that was called for in the Constitution rather than one established to address an issue as a knee jerk reaction. The FDA is one of those agencies established for all the right reasons, but done so in order to take the risk off of the consuming public. For those businesses that choose to sicken and kill their clientele, I believe there are enough laws on the books to put bad actors behind bars. Also, where has the “Caveat Emptor” thought process gone? “Let the buyer beware” takes the “risk” off of the men and women with money in their pocket and places it where? At the altar of the government.

    This appears to be yet another “Nanny State” reaction to a problem that can be solved by two concepts:

    1. Parents controlling their kids.
    2. Applying the laws currently governing tobacco (drug/alcohol) use to this new type of product.

    Put the screws to the PARENTS of the kids abusing an adult product AND place the sellers of these “suspect” products. If you sell a Juul to a kid, you and your business WILL pay the price. Not any different than a liquor store or bar who chooses to sell beer to an under-aged kid. Same thing holds true for adults who purchase age-controlled products for re-sale to minors. I believe every state still has a statute on the books that goes by the name of “contributing to the delinquency of a minor.”

    You can have my mod and e-juice when you pry my formerly nicotine stained fingers from them.

    Jim on
  • On a side note….Get angry, get informed, get vaping! The government is being paid to force or hands Vance to smoking. Hold strong or quit vaping if you need to, just don’t go back to smoking like they’re hoping we all do!

    ADKmac on
  • Big tobacco and big pharma are the root of this campaign. They’re so aggravated that the vape market has massively dented their profit margins, they needed to take drastic measures to try to sway the weak links back to tobacco.

    As a DIY’er of over 4 years, I’m not the question…it’s the ones that have freshly switched to vaping or the ones who haven’t yet. This is truly a matter of public safety, or lack there-of. To think that the 30% of high school kids vaping will just stop vaping is completely ignorant…or intentionally corrupt. Those poor kids will just end up smoking and continuing the vicious cycle of past generations.

    Vaping was and still is a breath of fresh air. Tobacco companies and pharmaceutical companies have major ground they’re losing everyday to vaping. They want and need our community to be dead and back in their pockets…gasping for air and dumping our wages into gas station tills supplying us with combustible cancers. The world we live in today isn’t about what’s right or wrong, it’s about who can pay for the campaign to make it all seem right. Ignorant baby boomers and closed minded “elders” are steering our ship straight into an iceberg…one they will survive. How ironic……..

    ADKmac on
  • This has absolutely nothing to do with children vaping IMO as vaping is about as dangerous as drinking coffee. Caffeine is a natural pesticide created by the plant to deter pests from eating it. This in my opinion and big tobacco is shitting their pants over losing $ on their green bottom line. We all know the FDA has been bought and paid for. Just look at the crap sold as food in the grocery stores. You have to realize that the food industry goes hand in hand with the medical industry. Anything that can help or that is “better” for a person isn’t recognized. Vaping helped me quit many years ago and if a child is vaping at least they can vape without nicotine at all if they chose to. Do they need to be vaping? IMO, no but it’s a hell of lot better than smoking. If the FDA gave a shit about people cigarettes would have been banned on day one. If a smoker wanted to actually smoke he’d have to grow his own. That would be 1000% better for him than buying over priced, chemically laced sticks of death. But the fda says smokings ok…………………….

    mike on

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