FDA Takes First Step to BAN Flavors

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The government is after your flavors… and their mission has begun.

On May 1, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued 13 warning letters to some of your favorite vaping brands -- from Candy King to Cosmic Fog and many in between -- taking action “against companies misleading kids with e-liquids that resemble children’s juice boxes, candies and cookies.”

Here’s the deal. Since last year, the FDA has been investigating how the branding and packaging of nicotine products imitate foods that are traditionally appealing to kids. Citing the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, these government agencies teamed up “to protect young children exposed to nicotine in e-liquids,” believing it’s harder for youth to keep their hands out of the proverbial cookie jar when tempted with designs eerily similar to sweets like Sour Patch Kids, Vanilla Wafers, Warheads, etc. These companies have been ordered to report their actions and correct all violations in compliance with the FD&C Act in just 15 business days.

Juice Box eLiquid

Candy King eLiquid

Look, we get it. But there’s more to this than meets the eye.

We at Liquid Barn absolutely agree that (reasonable) regulations are needed here. Misleading marketing to kids is wrong. However, this story could foreshadow potential FDA legislation banning ALL FLAVORS of e-juice, which has been a hot topic over the last several months.

While flavors should NOT be marketed to children, they do play an important role for adults to successfully transition away from cigarettes. The FDA is aware of this, generally speaking, but has put out a request for personal stories from vapers that further illustrate this as they deliberate the fate of flavored e-liquid in the United States (read more - previous FDA blog article). Don’t forget to submit a formal comment on the FDA site (by June 19, 2018) and send us the screenshot to get 20% off your next Liquid Barn order (excluding wholesale).


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