FDA Wants to BAN Flavors

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Let’s get straight to the point: the FDA wants to BAN flavored eLiquid... and there’s something YOU can do about it.

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THE ISSUE: The FDA is proposing legislation to ban flavors in tobacco and e-cigarette products, given its “appeal to youth” and initiating smoking habits at a young age.

“We must give serious consideration to the ways in which we might further address flavors in combustible tobacco products like menthol in cigarettes and… consider how best to address flavors in non-combustible products like e-cigarettes.”

THE OPPORTUNITY: The FDA is also beginning to understand the role flavors play in helping adult smokers transition away from more harmful tobacco products.

In a recent statement, FDA Commissioner Gottlieb announced an open call for Americans to “share data, research and information that can inform our process for examining the role that flavors play in initiation and patterns of tobacco use,” citing also that, “Personal stories are important to me as we shape our overall approach.”

That’s right - the FDA is seeking stories from PEOPLE LIKE YOU to determine new legislation.

Find more info on the proposed ruling here.

THE ACTION: It’s easy - and important - and the fate of vaping depends on it.

As DIYers we know first hand the role flavors play in our vaping experience. Everyone has a story of what made them switch from cigarettes to vaping, and it’s time to let the FDA know how flavored eLiquid helped nix the cigarettes and ultimately changed your life.


Select "Individual Consumer" under Category

Share your vaping story

Here are some simple steps you can take to make a difference:

COMMENT: Submit a formal comment on the FDA site (by June 19, 2018). Show us a screenshot of your submission to the FDA, and get 20% off your next Liquid Barn order (excluding wholesale). Not sure what to say? Use one of the templates below. This is on YOU! If you do nothing, they win.

  • TEMPLATE 1: I started smoking cigarettes at age ___  / I was a smoker for ___ years before I discovered vaping. Flavored e-juice played a critical role in my transition away from tobacco/cigarettes because ________. I have now been vaping for ___ years, and I advocate keeping flavors available because of the importance its played in improving my health and life.
  • TEMPLATE 2: After smoking cigarettes for ___ years, I have successfully switched to healthier vaping, thanks to flavored e-liquids. The flavors that helped me quit were _______. I started at _____ nicotine strength, now vape at ____, and I advocate keeping flavors available because of the importance its played in improving my health and life.

VIDEO: Send us a video or a link to your vaping story. Be a part of the collective Liquid Barn narrative!

ADVOCACY: Seen our #NotTobaccoStillTobacco merch around? All proceeds go towards advocacy groups that are here to fight the good fight for your vaping rights. Browse products.

Liquid Barn Tobacco Warning Merchandise

 It’s your time to speak up and share your story with the FDA to educate them on the importance of e-liquid flavors in your life. Speak now, or forever hold your (unflavored) peace.

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