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Federal Flavor Ban Proposed by Trump Administration

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Trump Proposes federal flavor ban on vaping products

Dear Liquid Barn Family:

As you may be aware, vaping has come under fire recently after new health reports swarmed the media, leading to a general panic and even legislation banning the sale of flavored eLiquids in the state of Michigan.

This week, President Trump announced his intention for a federal flavored e-Liquid ban, further inciting the need for our community to band together against this misdirected attention.

While the cause of the lung-related illnesses are being investigated, testing completed by the FDA indicates these recent events are linked to black market THC cartridges, and presumably, a thickening agent named Vitamin E Acetate (found in counterfeit vaping oil -- NOT legitimate and regulated eLiquid products sold today).

As you know, not all vapor is the same, and the frenzy of headlines and hype has resulted in negative coverage that now poses a direct threat to vapers everywhere.

Here’s the problem with a flavor ban:

Since the days of prohibition, we’ve learned that banning something usually has an adverse effect, often leading consumers to black market and unsafe measures.

And worse yet, millions of smokers who have turned to vaping as a -- dare we say healthier -- alternative to smoking will be faced with a new dilemma: returning to cigarettes.

It’s up to us to relay to lawmakers, local and federal, that vaping should be regulated -- but not banned.

White House - STOP THE BAN



Want to do more?

  • Call your local representative.
  • Spread the word about the truth behind the headlines.
  • Take to social media to share how vaping positively impacted your life, or helped you quit cigarettes.

Every voice is important in our efforts to be heard.

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  • Thanks for keeping us in the loop, guys. The battle’s not over yet.

    Steve Soderquist on

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