Flavor Feud: The Law is After Vaping

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It’s been making headlines lately and if you’re a vaper, it’s time to take note: vaping legislation and flavor bans are on the rise.

Just last month, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a law restricting (AKA completely banning) the sale of all flavored tobacco products in the city and county of San Francisco. According to Vaping.com, “Since the FDA’s deeming rule of last year legally confers ‘tobacco’ status on vape, and since all eLiquid is flavored, it will not be permissible to sell any vape juice when the rule comes into effect.”

So why is the government feeling so anti-vape?  

The most commonly cited concerns are health & addiction issues. It’s no secret that smoke inhalation can have an impact on users, but many feel it’s been somewhat ignored that e-cigarettes have “only traces of some of the 60-plus carcinogens found in cigarette smoke,” (1)  and have helped countless numbers of people either wean off or completely eliminate their cigarette and/or nicotine addictions. But lawmakers still say no bueno; eCigs are facing increasingly stricter regulations, including expensive product testing, reporting, and ingredient disclaimers -- forcing many vaping companies out of business. In response to this, President of the American Vaping Association, Gregory Conley stated in the Washington Post that, “Ninety-nine percent plus of the products on the vapor market now will be banned within two years” (2) .

OK so we get the health concerns -- but why go after flavor too?

You (like many other vapers) might be thinking, “I’m going to smoke anyway.”

The main argument critics are pushing is that, “many e-cigarettes appeal to young people because of their combinations of candy and fruit flavors" (3). Vaping skeptics aren’t satisfied with recent measures which now require manufacturers to “include child-proof caps on e-liquids,” and for retailers to “verify that customers are 21 or older.” Their intention (and the going trend) is to prevent such behavior among youth by completely removing product availability from the market -- which is set to affect millions of smokers in the coming years.

The fact of the matter is that you may have to prepare for a scenario in which flavored eJuices are completely eliminated from American markets.

Now time for the golden question -- how do you get around this?

The temporary solution (think April 2018, when the San Francisco ban takes place) would be for vapers to purchase flavored eJuice products from tolerant cities/states online...but that also poses a few issues:

  1. There's no telling how long it will be before the FDA completely blocks the sale of flavored liquids nationwide.
  2. Buyers will potentially lose access to their favorite, trusted brands.
  3. Smokers will pay increasingly higher costs for imported goods.

Luckily for you, Liquid Barn has a permanent, personalized solution for vapers: DIY.

If you’re a Liquid Barn customer (or just familiar with our brand) you know that we strive to provide a variety of top-tier eLiquid products and accessories which not only meet individual vaping needs, but adopt and stay ahead of industry standards and FDA regulations.

In anticipation of the “Flavor Feud,” we’ve beefed up our product line to offer various KITS and DIY PACKAGES that are not only compliant, but give our Tastemakers more freedom in creating the perfect blend of personalized eLiquid.

Why DIY?

Laws like what we’re seeing in San Francisco ban the sale of flavored tobacco products. However, our eLiquid does NOT come pre-flavored. Instead, we provide the BASE (Unflavored eLiquid -- PG and/or VG with optional nicotine), the TOOLS (bottles, caps), and the FLAVOR CONCENTRATES separately, thus getting around it.

Put simply -- our deconstructed package allows you to mix in the desired flavors and components yourself -- bypassing the “pre-flavored” law. You can still enjoy your favorite recipes and control exactly what is going into your device.

Think DIY is not for you?

For those less DIY-savvy customers, Liquid Barn’s BASE makes it easier than ever. Each bottle comes with an easy removable tip and fill meter on the side to make adding flavor a breeze. Just get a bottle of BASE and a ONE SHOT FLAVOR and you’re ready to be a Tastemaker. It’s that simple.

So what happens next?

Only time will tell if the events in San Francisco will create a domino effect across the nation, or if it’s all smoke and mirrors (pun intended). But rest assured that we’ll keep you up-to-date as things move and shake in the industry. Until then, breathe easy.

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  • I want to say thank you I enjoy your products and have no regrets switching to DIY. One of the best choices I’ve made.

    Chad on
  • Can we update this discussion pertaining to the new initiative put in place by the White House? (Sept 2019)

    Stein Christopher on

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