Homemade Hand Sanitizer - Make your own DIY spray

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Your first line of defense during these unsure times is to follow WHO guidelines for Covid-19 (Corona Virus): stay home, stay safe, and wash your hands. 

But for those of us sick of singing happy birthday to ourselves all day, hand sanitizer is definitely the way to go.

Supplies of sanitizing products like Purell are running low, but there is a work-around: making your own. 

Whether you’re an avid DIY’er or completely new to this, it’s relatively simple to mix your own sanitizer using a few key ingredients like [Vegetable Glycerin - purchase here]. This recipe follows the WHO formula for a spray sanitizer strong enough to kill bacteria but safe enough to use on your skin.



Needed: 2 teaspoons of glycerol; 12 fluid ounces of alcohol

Directions: Mix the alcohol and glycerol together in a spray bottle. 

The glycerol is essential from preventing your skin drying out from the alcohol. Liquid Barn sells pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerin (traditionally used in vapor / eLiquid manufacturing) which CAN be used for hand sanitizer and does NOT contain nicotine or anything tobacco/vaping related.


Needed: 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide, 3 fluid ounces distilled or boiled (later cooled) water

Directions: Add to your previous solution.

Per WHO guidelines, at least 60% of the solution must be alcohol, but aim for 75% +.

STEP THREE (optional)

Needed: Essential oil

Directions: Add a few drops of an essential oil for scent. A little can go a long way.

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