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Tastemaker Interview - DIY or DIE

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 Tastemaker Profile 
Wayne Walker - DIY or DIE

Liquid Barn asked the influencer to share his vape-spertise on everything from flavor profiles, to the Wayne Walker Vapor Collection, and the future of the industry. Buckle up and enjoy.

LB: Describe your style of vaping.
WW: I’m strictly about flavor and getting the most absolute and “reference” flavor from my vape.

LB: Favorite flavor blend?
WW: My all day vape has been Strawberry Milk my entire vaping career, though I’ve been addicted to RY4’s (caramel bakery with light tobacco) over the last year or so. I have flavor ADD.

LB: How has your vaping experience changed over time?
WW: Vaping became a lifestyle once I started getting more heavily into mixing. Now all I want to do is push the boundaries on flavors and vapor to impress my community and peers.

LB: How are the FDA regulations affecting you?
WW: The regulations have taken a lot of the wind out of our sails. The reality is, we need people excited about vaping to keep the fire lit as it ultimately affects business. I got some tricks up my sleeve though.

LB: Do you have any vapers you admire?
WW: I admire the DIY community the most. They are among the most giving and selfless communities out there, and because there’s an inherent level of competitiveness, it makes for a fun community to be apart of.

LB: What do you wish you saw more of in the vaping industry today?
WW: More eliquid companies taking risks and innovating. It seems that everyone is always trying to rip someone off and it's EXTREMELY boring. There’s a reason why DIY has grown exponentially in the last few years, compared to the traditional vapor markets. All the innovation is here (and its 95% cheaper).

LB: Tell us about your blend?
: The Wayne Walker Vapor Collection is a refinement of the traditional profiles I love. The flavor “QUIK” is the perfect model of that. Taking a profile like Strawberry Milk, something I’ve been making for years, and refining it. Making it tighter, smoother, more flavorful.

LB: What makes your brand different or distinguished in the marketplace?
WW: It’s a concentrate, meaning you need to mix in your VG/PG/NIC yourself. This makes it just a little more work, but you get TONS more eLiquid for your money. If a normal eLiquid costs you $30 for 30mls, my concentrates will make you 200 - 300ml’s for the same price! No compromise. Same ingredients. Certified ISO lab. Long gone are the days of $1 per ml.

LB: What’s been your inspiration?
WW: My background in fine dining. But ultimately, I just put together stuff that I want to vape myself.

LB: And your philosophy behind creating new juice?
WW: Emulate something already out there, but make it as authentic as possible in vapor form. Refinement is the big word with this new line. All too often, eliquid gets rushed out and tastes half-assed. I’ve been refining some of these profiles for years, and I’m happy to share them with you all. 

LB: What eLiquids are you most proud of?
: Obsidian from my ENYAWREKLAW collection is probably my best work. But I got some new stuff on the way that I think highlights my entire mixing career put in one bottle.

Don’t forget to check back each month to see the latest and greatest flavor profiles from Wayne. His delicious track record leaves us hungry to see what he’ll been cooking up next!


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Sang Pétillant is a sparkling blood orange champagne recipe. The blood orange is exquisitely bright, sweet, and balanced masterfully next to light notes of white grapefruit and white grapes, followed by a finish of sparkling champagne. It’s been crafted with opulence in mind, and meant to be vaped immediately. If you enjoy mimosas on a hot summer morning by the beach, then this is your new favorite recipe.



Kings Custard is Wayne's take on the traditional custard profile: thick rich vanilla, egg, dairy, and light butter, whipped up with a touch of butterscotch and caramel. This is a flavor that is as delectable as it is smooth, and it's a throwback to the "golden age" of eLiquid, transporting you to a time when recipes were a bit more simple and straightforward.



The most refined version of a Strawberry Malted Milk Wayne has created. Sweet juicy strawberry blended into a soft and creamy malted milk. The vape oozes with flavor and has a thick, rich, and soft mouthfeel perfect for flavor heads, as well as cloud chasers. Delicious right off a shake, but best after 3-4 days.



This is a recipe put together out of a need for a real tasting watermelon vape. Too many watermelons are far too artificial and almost medicinal in their flavor. Not Water-Malone. This is exactly like biting into a fresh ripe watermelon, all the way down to the texture of the pulp. When it comes to watermelon - there’s no better.


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