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Contrary to the name, One Hit Wonder has been achieving greatness in the vaping industry since 2014 - and is here to stay. Founded in LA as the first eLiquid company to sell large 180ml bottles to save consumers money per ml, they've since expanded their product line to include over 10 brands and 40 flavors! And now for the first time ever, One Hit Wonder flavor concentrates are available to you for flavoring your DIY eLiquids!

 Tastemaker Profile 
Anthony Tellez III - One Hit Wonder

Liquid Barn sat down with Anthony Tellez III - the original flavor creator for One Hit Wonder - to dish on dessert-forward eLiquid (including fan-favorite "Muffin Man"), experimenting to discover new tastes, and what his grandma thinks of his recipes. Enjoy!

LB: What was the origin of One Hit Wonder eLiquid?
OHW: There were 3 founders (Niko Voudouris, Robb Hackett and myself) who wanted to stop distributing other people’s brands to create our own and sell it in bigger bottles. Rob starting mixing, and I suddenly discovered I had a good palette for flavors.

LB: Was that due to any culinary background?
OHW: Honestly, no. We were just mixing one day, and my flavors turned out to be better.

LB: Do you remember one of your first mixes?
OHW: I think it was Muffin Man (my favorite and a best seller). Mind you it was different from what it is today. I started with ingredients that reminded me of my grandma’s desserts like apple and cinnamon. I love recipes that bring you back.

LB: Does your grandma know you’ve based flavors off her baking?
OHW: She does! She hasn't tasted Muffin Man, but the smell of it reminds her of the original. It’s one I’m most proud of.

LB: How do you develop a flavor? Do you ever throw ingredients together to experiment?
OHW: Usually I have something in mind when I start, and test or adjust it from there in small batches. But occasionally, you discover a flavor by luck. It comes out totally different and you’re like, “Hey, this might actually work for Fruit Loop cereal…”

LB: How does the “notes giving” process work?
OHW: It’s usually just me cooking up things, but I’m open to adjusting based on people’s feedback. I tend to get it spot-on the first time and can tweak it by adding or diluting flavors from there.

LB: How do you come up with juice names?
OHW: We try to keep it fun and tie a story into each creation.

LB: How do you know when a juice is ready for market?
OHW: Once I’ve gotten an overwhelmingly positive response from everyone that samples it.

LB: Have you ever created a flavor that wasn’t as well received?
OHW: We had a Lucky Charms donut flavor, but customers didn’t seem to like the flavor profile itself.

LB: Have you seen a shift in what flavors audiences like over time?
OHW: People definitely went for dessert flavors in the beginning. Now I’ve noticed it’s shifted to more candy and fruit.

LB: What do you wish you saw more of in the vaping industry today?
OHW: A more positive message coming from our government as to the life saving capability of our industry, and how many people we have positively affected.

LB: Favorite juices produced overall?
OHW: Muffin Man (apple cinnamon muffin), The Man (strawberry milk), and Island Man (Tiki punch).

Hearing Telez talk about all those delicious flavors made our mouths water. We need dessert NOW. He revealed that, “You can never predict what you’re going to make until you vape it for the first time.” Well, based on what we learned in the interview, we’re predicting some tasty good news for One Hit Wonder in 2018!


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Stimulates your sense of taste and smells just like Grandma's homemade apple muffins. Slices of deep red Washington apples topped with the perfect amount of cinnamon. Muffin Man has a robust apple flavor on the inhale followed by sweet undertones of warm muffin.



A delectable blend of strawberry fruit and milk cream. Enjoy a silky smooth strawberry inhale with a subtle, sweet milky exhale. It's like a delicious spoonful of fresh cream topped with sugar-sprinkled strawberries.



Balancing a lightly tart Greek yogurt, fresh mountain blueberries & savory granola, Rocket Man is a harmonious blend without equal in the yogurt world. From the subtle sweet tartness of the inhale to the palate-cleansing exhale, get ready for a flavor that's out of this world! Enjoy the ride!


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