The Vape Apocalypse - FDA PMTA Goes Into Effect

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It seems like just yesterday the country ran out of toilet paper and you found yourself feverishly googling bidets and baby wipes, wishing you had stocked up when you could.

Well, here’s your chance to make up for that… because a Vapocalypse might be near.

Come September, vaping as we know it will change forever. Whether you’re a doomsday prepper or more likely to fight for the last roll at Walmart - it’s time to seriously consider what could happen with the FDA’s PMTA going into effect so soon.

What is that?

Premarket Tobacco Product Authorization. Check out the FDA's [PMTA Page] for more details about the PMTA and new proposed vaping legislation. Basically, on the heels of flavor ban legislation, the FDA required all vaping companies to submit their products to them for approval. The submission period ends in September and it’s unclear how long the approvals (or rejections) will take.

What does that mean for me?

Access to your favorite flavored e-liquid products may change dramatically post-PMTA. In fact, if you’re vaping a product that hasn’t filed an application, it will no longer be around. Just like that last roll of Charmin - poof - gone.

So what are my options?

Many vapers are flocking to DIY as an option since the FDA is currently focusing on restricting “finished products” (i.e. pre-flavored juice). But with talks of national flavor bans, turbulent politics, and states individualizing their approach to legislation, the future of vaping is unclear across the board.


What you wish you did in March: stock up.

And if you’re wondering how much product you need to grab, let us introduce you to our new favorite tool:

Vape Apocalypse Calculator

Originally posted by Vaping Community Calculator, this calculator analyzes your consumption to determine how long your product will last at your chosen nicotine levels.


We’re not saying that Liquid Barn products are disappearing post-PMTA, or that DIY won’t still be around. We’re simply providing a tool to help you avoid being sh*t out of luck in September… with plenty of TP lying around.

It’s 2020 - anything can happen.

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  • I live in NY our flavor ban went into effect july 1st, Liquid Barn can’t even sell me base liquid… vape shops are closing they made most of their money from flavored juice, now they are saying that they will stop the post office from delivering products from online vaping stores. so if we need coils or a new mod we are out of luck, Big Tobacco wants us back, I thought we Lived in America!! What happened to our Freedom of choice? Its too late for me, but if you live in a state where you can still get supplies get them! This is for real… Very sad

    jacqueline braue on
  • This is terrible I do it myself but still the future of vaping is in danger and to me that’s just terrible.

    Biana on
  • The PMTA guidelines do not include DIY products in any way it’s not cool to “Fear Monger” to boost sales!

    Tony Glock on
  • Any sales before Doomsday comes?

    Ruben Saldana on
  • Who cares..?? I vape Alto Vuse Menthol 2.4% Nicotine. Ive used to vape lots of flavored menthol e-juice. When you get older, you just dont care anymore. Hell, I could just breathe and be happy. Come on guys, ban vaping !!!! Its bad for you. I’m just messing around…Goodluck to yall that vape. Im heading to Mcdonalds for a Big Mac meal.

    TL on

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