Uncle Sam Is After Vaping ... Is Your State Next?

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Uncle Sam - Michigan and New York

Things are moving fast, and its being driven by fear. Fear primarily based on fake news. This week, we’ve seen a huge push to ban flavored vaping products with Michigan and New York enacting legislation to ban the sale of flavored e‑cigarettes and e‑juice.

Unfortunately, the United States is moving towards the direction of federal prohibition. The Trump administration is currently preparing legislation to ban flavored e‑cigarettes on the heels of mysterious respiratory illnesses thought to be linked to vaping. Although officials are still investigating the outbreak, believed to be related to black-market THC products containing Vitamin E Acetate (a byproduct NOT found in regulation vaping products), action has been swift in many states.

Thousands of vapers and business owners are waking up to devastating news around the country.


Click below for more information on affected states

= Ban on ALL Vaping Products
= Ban on Flavored Vaping Products
= Ban Ended

New York
Rhode Island


Information on flavor bans is quickly changing and evolving. We will continue to update this page as frequently as possible to keep it current. Last Updated: 02/24/20

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While the federal ban on flavored e‑cigarettes may very well happen, there is hope for vape enthusiasts everywhere: unflavored eLiquid and DIY.

With flavors sold and added separately, flavorless vape juice, like our BASE | Unflavored eLiquid, unlocks the potential for consumers to continue vaping their favorite recipes on their own terms. No brands, no red tape, just the freedom to create your own tastemaker experience.

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Other companies have recently sprouted unflavored products for sale, but these were NOT submitted before the FDA market freeze in 2016, and are among a growing number of unregistered and counterfeit products in the market, unlike our BASE eLiquid, which is the highest quality flavorless eLiquid available today.

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  • Typical government primitive black and white thinking. Can’t see the forest for the trees. “Gee, people got sick from bootleg vape solution so lets ban the legitimate products”. So now the less intelligent vapers will go and buy MORE black market junk and more people will die. The same people might be too inept for DIY vape juice manufacturing and accidently OD when they mistake the nicotine for the VG. Then more will die. Will they ban that too? Will we then have a nicotine crisis like the opioids? And how many die each year from cigarette smoking? Or how about alcohol? Oh yeah, the tobacco and/or alcohol lobby. They’ve got the money to bribe politicians with campaign donations. The vape industry is not set up for that.
    I’ve seen some pretty stupid stuff coming from government policy makers but this takes the cake.
    Just leave us alone and let us vape.

    Jemnifer on
  • Diy is better cheaper safer and hey I am sure they diy companies are not mad at this sales thru the roof they cant fan flavors and vg pg liquid nic not sure y buddy has a huge supply we will be ok .I am sure companies can get around it labeling it shampoo lol there is always the Uk hey on the bright side look how well the war on drugs is going dont sweat it we can vape as long as we like a big F U to UNCLE SAM

    Mike M on
  • So, if the ban happens would you be able to send an email to your customers letting them know of reputable DIY companies outside of the U.S.?

    David Jones on

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