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THE ISSUE: The FDA is now unfairly labeling any vaping component, part, or accessory a “Tobacco Product,” including Nicotine-Free eLiquid, batteries, cotton, and coils used in vaping devices. Basically if a vape company sells it, it’s considered a tobacco product.

THE REASON: The vaping industry grew too quickly for the FDA to regulate it appropriately -- so their solution was to treat all vaping the same as cigarettes.

THE FRUSTRATION: Many people use vaping as an alternative to tobacco. Vaping has helped countless cigarette smokers transition to healthier nicotine ingestion and a tobacco-free lifestyle.

OUR BELIEF: We agree that regulations should be put in place to ensure quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients, age restrictions and more -- but the FDA’s decision is overreaching and harmful to the industry. An industry helping smokers quit.

OUR MOVEMENT: To poke fun at the ridiculousness of this legislation, Liquid Barn has created our Tobacco Product Merchandise: Hats, Patches, Stickers and Towels that state, “WARNING: This product is made from tobacco.

It’s time to call attention to the FDA’s actions BEFORE they hinder an industry that’s helped many adults get healthier. And we can only do it TOGETHER.

OUR CAUSE:  All proceeds from Tobacco Product Merch will go towards Vaping Advocacy Groups to promote a reasonably regulated U.S. marketplace (allowing companies to provide smoke-free products to adult consumers), a positive public image for vapor products, and educational materials for both businesses and consumers in our industry.

THE GAME PLAN: 3 easy ways YOU can be a part of the resistance!

1- BUY “TOBACCO PRODUCT” MERCH: Make your ironic Tobacco Product hat, patch, sticker or towel a topic of conversation to help others understand the situation. Remember -- all proceeds go towards advocacy!

2- POST A PIC/VIDEO: Go guerrilla and capture a photo or video that comments on the FDA’s decision. It could be a funny sketch slapping the Tobacco Product warning on obvious non-tobacco items, a vlog with your opinions, a selfie wearing the merch, etc.

3- SHARE ON SOCIAL: Use your ‘Tobacco Product’ warning merch to make a statement on social media! Tag @LiquidBarn and #NotTobaccoStillTobacco in your posts to join the conversation (and for a chance to win prizes!)

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  • If you guys ever make shirts or tank-tops, I’d definitely buy one (preferable in pink, but black will do). It’s silly, but fantastic.

    Alex Jones on
  • This is a fantastic idea but think more people would buy (and, more importantly, wear) t-shirts and/or sweatshirts thus giving our cause much more visibility since the vast majority of women wouldn’t wear a cap styled in such a masculine manner. Just a thought!! Kudos to whoever came up with the idea!! If you ever get t-shirt or sweatshirt products count me in!! Otherwise I’ll get a towel not many folks will see!! Thanks LB!!

    Liz Gray on

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