DIY Kits - Vape Your Own eLiquid

Liquid Barn's kit collection consists of 3 main kits: the eLiquid Kit, Flavor Kit, and Labware Kit. Each kit is designed to provide you with a specific need.

The eLiquid Kit consists of the base liquids needed in eLiquid.
The Flavor Kit provides you with 10 different flavors engineered for eLiquid production.
The Labware Kit has all the labware needed to safely and accurately start mixing your own eLiquid.

For customers just getting into DIY, we offer all three kits together as the DIY Starter Kit, which includes an additional DIY manual and mixing chart to introduce you to the concepts and instruct you through the steps of making your own eLiquid. Make over 1,200ml of premium eLiquid with the Starter Kit.
Learn more about the DIY Starter Kit

For an even easier way to start vaping your own eLiquid, try a bottle of our Basic eLiquid combined with a Flavor Cartridge, otherwise known as the Tastemaker Kit.
Learn more about the Tastemaker Kit