WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Adding Flavoring to Your eLiquid

Flavor concentrates are made up of multiple components. Typically, flavors will consist of a dominant PG or VG base. Your flavor concentrates will be accounted for in either your PG or VG ratio depending on its dominant base, which is listed for all Liquid Barn flavors. If you are unsure, assume PG.

Step 1: Determine Your Desired Flavor Strength

Recommended flavor percentages for eLiquid and eJuice - Liquid Barn

Flavor Strength is the percentage of flavoring you want in your finished eLiquid. This percentage will vary based on the flavor and on your personal preference. You will perfect this through trial and error. All Liquid Barn Flavors have a suggested starting percentage right on the bottle.

Step 2: Add the Correct Amount of Flavor to Your Batch.

If you are using our DIY eJuice Bottle, simply use the fill meter to measure out the correct percentage.

Fill Meter

Otherwise multiply your desired percentage of flavoring by your batch size to find out the amount of flavor concentrate needed. 

Formula for calculating flavor for your eLiquid or eJuice - Liquid Barn

Use the above formula for each additional flavor concentrate. It is recommended to keep the total percentage of all your flavors under 25%. Keep in mind the more flavoring you add, the more complex your eLiquid becomes. We recommend starting off with single flavor recipes to familiarize yourself with different flavor profiles before moving on to more complex flavor recipes.

30ml Example Batch (No Nicotine)

Flavor amount for eLiquid and eJuice - Liquid barn

For this example we will be making a 30ml batch of eLiquid using a Flavor Strength of 10%. We will assume our flavor concentrate is PG Based.

Flavor Calculation for eLiquid and eJuice - Liquid Barn

This means we will need 3ml of our flavor concentrate to reach a flavor strength of 10% in a 30ml batch of eLiquid.

Since the 3ml of Flavoring is being counted towards our total PG Ratio, we will now only need to use 12ml of Propylene Glycol to maintain our 50/50 ratio.

We will need to mix together:
Flavor Concentrate: 3ml
Propylene Glycol: 12ml
Vegetable Glycerin: 15ml

Adding Flavoring to your eLiquid or eJuice - Liquid Barn