Adding Nicotine to your eLiquid

WARNING: Nicotine is not required or recommended in your eLiquid. Do not use nicotine if you do not require it. Nicotine is extremely addictive, dangerous, and should be handled only after reading all warning labels on bottles. You should never handle highly concentrated nicotine, especially in its pure form.


  • Nicotine strengths are commonly displayed as milligrams per milliliter or (mg/ml)
  • Nicotine is available in both a PG or VG Base. 
  • Nicotine Blend is also referred to as Base Nicotine. Your Nicotine Base will need to be diluted down to a vapable strength in your final eLiquid batch. 

You will need to be able to identify and determine the following before mixing your eLiquid. 

Mixing Nicotine Propylene Glycol Vegetable Glycerin to your eLiquid eJuice - Liquid Barn

Target Strength is the strength you want your final eLiquid to be.

Base Strength is the strength of your Nicotine Blend you will be diluting.

Batch Size refers to the total amount of eLiquid you will be making.


STEP 3: Determine your desired Target Strength


STEP 4: Identify the Strength and Base of your Blended Nicotine

Reading the your Nicotine Label - Liquid Barn

The above example shows a Base Nicotine with a strength of 48mg/ml in a VG Base.

Your nicotine will be accounted for in either your PG or VG ratio depending on what base your blended nicotine is. 


STEP 5: Calculating your Target Nicotine Strength

Use this formula to calculate the amount of your nicotine base needed to reach your target strength.

Formula for calculating Nicotine for eLiquid or eJuice - Liquid Barn

Divide your Target Strength by your Base Strength, then multiply your answer by your batch size. The result is the amount of your Nicotine Blend you will need to add to your batch to reach your desired nicotine strength.




For this example we will be making a 30ml batch of eLiquid, with 6mg strength Nicotine using a 48mg VG based Nicotine Blend.

Our 30ml batch will consist of a 50% PG and 50% VG ratio. 15ml of PG Based Liquids and 15ml of VG Based Liquids.

We will need to calculate the amount of our Nicotine Blend needed to reach our Target Nicotine Strength.


This means, to reach a target strength of 6mg in a 30ml batch of eLiquid, we must use 3.75ml of our 48mg Nicotine Blend.


RECAP (With Nicotine)

Our 30ml batch will consist of 50% PG and 50% VG.

We will need to mix together:
Flavor Concentrate: 3ml
Propylene Glycol: 12ml
Nicotine Base: 3.75ml
Vegetable Glycerin: 11.25ml



Now that you understand how to calculate eLiquid recipes, you can calculate your own using the methods you learned. Click here for an online calculator for eLiquid mixing.

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