WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Liquid Barn and Contraf-Nicotex-Tobacco (CNT) are leading the way through quality, compliance, attractive pricing and security of supply. Together we are bringing the highest quality nicotine to the vapor industry.


We service the eLiquid market with nothing less than the market leading premium product.

CNT Nicotine Bottles

  • The largest producer of Nicotine USP/PhEur, supplying over 85% of the world nicotine market.
  • The purest nicotine available, with the least amount of impurities/residual solvents. Our nicotine has less than 20-50 parts per million (PPM). The industry standard is 500-1,000 PPM.
  • 5 years of stability, tested on a 6-month basis.
  • 2-5 year supply of the world’s nicotine needs always kept on hand.
  • The only nicotine supplier with a Tobacco Products Master File Number (TPMF).
  • Entire extraction process is conducted under inert argon gas, which ensures that the nicotine is never exposed to oxygen, keeping the integrity of the liquid intact.
  • Superior neutral taste profile. The result of our efforts is a product with superior taste and aroma, and less of the “peppery” flavor associated with lower grade nicotine.
  • The quality of our nicotine enables you to spend less money on flavoring, because you do not have to “mask” the off taste and aroma of lower grade products.


Nicotine Solutions

4.8% (48mg/ml) | 10% (100mg/ml)

CNT Nicotine Solution

Mix your own eLiquid with the best available nicotine on the market.


Pure Nicotine Available For Wholesale

Pure CNT Nicotine is ideal for nicotine patches, inhalers, sprays, eLiquid / eJuice / vapor products, next generation products (NGPs), and more! Sign up to see our wholesale prices.


Salt Nicotine / Technical Data

Salt Nicotine / Technical Data