Complete control over your eLiquid - DIY Base, Flavors, and Labware

Advanced DIY

Complete control over your eLiquid - DIY Base, Flavors, and Labware

At Liquid Barn™, we've always been committed to providing vapers with the very best in liquids, supplies, and instruction so that they may share in the joy, savings, and freedom of creating their own eLiquid. Over the years we've refined a DIY Starter Kit to include everything a newcomer needs to start mixing great flavored eLiquid right out of the box.

If you think creating your own eLiquid sounds daunting, it's really not! In fact, it can be as easy as just adding flavor to our premixed BASIC eLiquid™. Check out our Basic DIY page for this simple and direct method of flavoring your own eLiquid. Our DIY Starter Kit, however, is the best way to go about mixing your eLiquid if you want complete control over the contents of your juice. You will be able to experiment and find the perfect PG to VG ratio, nicotine strength, and flavor profiles based uniquely on your personal preferences. We're pretty sure you won't find that in a "premium" juice.

The DIY Starter Kit

eLiquid Kit
The main components of any and all eLiquid:
Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol.
Nicotine sold separately at a reduced price.
This kit is designed to provide you with a base for your flavors at the highest possible quality and purity. A clean base is crucial to accurate flavor profiles in your mix.

Try our premixed BASIC eLiquid™ if you want to simplify this step of the DIY process.

• eLiquid Kit Manual
• 2x 500ml bottles of eLiquid Base (VG and/or PG)
• 2x Twist-Open caps

Flavor Kit
Essentially a sampler of our flavors.
Pick 10 flavors from our exceptional line of 40+ flavors formulated specifically for vaping. All our flavors have been made to taste great on their own or mixed together in endless combination. Get creative!

• Flavor Kit Manual
• 10x Flavor Extracts (15ml each)

Labware Kit
Everything you need to safely and accurately mix your eLiquid.

• Labware Kit Manual
• Safety Gloves (5 pairs)
• Graduated Cylinder (25ml)
• Graduated Cylinder (10ml)
• 100ml Beaker (2x)
• 10ml Luer-lock Syringe (2x)
• 5ml Luer-lock Syringe (2x)
• 1ml Luer-slip Syringe (10x)
• 60ml BASIC DIY Bottle (5x)
• Electric eLiquid Mixer

DIY Starter Kit Extras

Each kit in the DIY Starter Kit has been designed to meet a specific need, so that you can order more base liquids, flavors or labware separately when needed. Get all three kits together, however, and you will also receive a comprehensive DIY manual, a dry-erase mixing mat to help with the math, and blank labels to place on your flavorful creations. We understand the necessity for clear, helpful instruction and have made it a goal of ours to provide vapers who are just starting to DIY with the best available knowledge and guidance. PDF versions of the manual and mixing mat, as well as a plethora of other useful information can be found on our Resources Page.