WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Flavor Cartridge was designed by Liquid Barn with the goal of making DIY eLiquid as user friendly as possible. It included:

60ml Flavor  |  30ml Unicorn Bottle  |  Tastemaker Card

The Tastemaker Card has a guided ruler that matches the unicorn bottle and helps you measure the correct amount of flavor. In the spirit of our goal, however, we've since introduced our DIY eJuice bottle which takes that ruler and places it right were it should be - on the bottle itself!

BASE ShortFill Bottles

Less is More

Our original intention with the Flavor Cartridge was for it to be used in combination with a bottle of our BASE | Unflavored eLiquid. Now the same thing can be achieved with a single product!

BASE ShortFill Bottles

Our BASE | Unflavored eLiquid ShortFill provides you with 50ml of your preferred strength of unflavored eLiquid in the same DIY bottle designed with a fill meter on the side. No more additional cards or bottles. No more Flavor Cartridge. Just get a bottle of BASE and flavor it however you like.