Flavoring your own eLiquid

Tastemaker Kit Flavor your own eLiquid or eJuice DIY Liquid Barn

Tastemaker Kit

Liquid Barn's Tastemaker Kit has everything you need to get started on flavoring your own eLiquid. It has never been easier to take control of the taste of your vape. This kit will come with 500ml of premixed, unflavored eLiquid and a Flavor Cartridge to finish your mix.

Whats in the box?!

Liquid Barn tastemaker kit. flavor your own eLiquid DIY


Liquid Barn provides quality premixed eLiquid that is ready to be flavored. Vapers that don't want the added headache of making their own eLiquid can get a 500ml bottle of 80/20 VG/PG in their desired nicotine strength. Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12mg. Liquid Barn promises to provide a consistent, quality eLiquid every time.

Flavor Cartridge

The Liquid Barn Flavor Cartridge is the easiest way to flavor your eLiquid. Whether you want to have control over the amount of flavor, or you want to experiment with different flavor combinations, the Flavor Cartridge has everything you need to quickly and easily flavor your eLiquid. It contains your choice of 60ml flavor concentrate, a 30ml Unicorn bottle to hold your final mix in, and a Tastemaker card that will help measure the amount of flavoring you will want to add to your eLiquid. No additional labware needed.

Choose your eLiquid to get started.

eLiquid - No Nicotine eLiquid + Nicotine (3mg/ml) eLiquid + Nicotine (6mg/ml) eLiquid + Nicotine (12mg/ml)


If you are interested in creating your own eLiquid from scratch, check out our DIY Starter Kit to learn more.