Liquid Barn Suggested Flavor Percentages

The following are the percentages for Liquid Barn flavors. Our flavors are engineered to be mixed with your eLiquid base. Please keep in mind that taste is subjective and our suggested percentage may be too strong or too subtle for your palette. Think of these as starting percentages. You can always adjust according to your preference. 

Flavor Name Flavor Percentage
Baked Cinnamon Roll 5%
Bakers Touch 9%
Banana 7%
Belgian Waffle 8%
Blue Raspberry 8%
Butterscotch Graham Tobacco 6%
Cappuccino 10%
Cherry Blossom Tea 6%
Chocolate Roll 9%
Coconut Milk 7%
Cola Freeze 8%
Cream 6%
Creme Brulee 11%
Dew Mountain 9%
Fresh Cream 7%
Greek Yogurt 10%
Green Apple 3%
Honeydew 6%
Lava Cake 6%
Menthol (Flavor Enhancer) 1%
Orange Banana 9%
Pacific Cooler 6%
Peach 10%
Pineapple 8%
Pink Lemonade 8%
Rainbow Sherbert 8%
Rootbeer 9%
Snickerdoodle 10%
Sour (Flavor Enhancer) 1%
Strawberry 8%
Strawberry Cheesecake 10%
Sweet Pipe Tobacco 10%
Sweetener (Flavor Enhancer) 1%
Tobacco 9%
Vanilla Cream Tobacco 9%
Vanilla Ice Cream 11%
Vienna Cream 6%


Please note that our Flavor Enhancers [Menthol | Sour | Sweetener] are suggested in 1% increments. Use as desired.

Adding flavoring will have a slight impact on your eLiquid nicotine strength.  Take a look at our eLiquid Dilution Chart to get an estimate of just how much.
For more detailed analysis of our flavors, visit our Flavor Composition Page