Mixing eLiquid by Weight

You've figured out the recipe you want to make and have all your ingredients... Now what? You now need to measure and mix the correct amounts of each ingredient. You can measure and mix by weight or by volume. Below is information on how to mix by weight.

For more information on mixing by weight, check out this great video by NewAmsterdamVape
Click here for information on calculating your recipe or here for an online calculator.

Measuring and Mixing By Weight 

Whether you're looking to make your blends be more consistent, avoid clean up, avoid cross contamination, mix larger batch sizes, or are just trying to avoid the long term cost of buying syringes and other mixing instruments, well, this is written for you.

What You Need



The method is pretty subjective but I'll share what I do. It's fairly simple. Any scale you buy should come with a 'tare' button. This resets the scale to zero regardless of the weight on it. This is a button you use quite frequently.
Start off by setting your bottle, or whatever it is you want to mix into, on the scale. Sometimes for me this is finished bottles, other times when I'm making larger batches, it's 250ml Amber glass bottles. Now your bottle is on the scale, turn your scale on, this starts your scale @ 0.00g. If you turned it on first and set your bottle on after, no big deal, just press the 'tare' button. Now, The calculator I linked above, gives you the weights you need to add for your Nicotine, VG, PG, and each flavor (once you programmed them in appropriately). I always go in order so I don't miss anything or forget my place (I also have my bottles set up in the same orderly line in my mixing space just to make sure).
For example: I'm making a 15ml batch of my Princess Cake (fruitier version recipe). I'm using 100mg VG nicotine, and am looking for an end result of 40/60 PG/VG.
The calculator gives me these outputs.
I start by adding 0.556 grams of nicotine to my bottle, I round this to 0.56 as your scale likely only reads to the hundredth (at least mine does, thousandth readings on a scale will cost you ~20x the price of the scale). Then press 'tare'.
Next I add my PG (4.476g) rounded to 4.48g. Then press 'tare'. Then VG 10.773 grams rounded to 10.77. Then press 'tare'. Then add your flavors pressing tare after each one. Before you know it, you've mixed your first bottle and have no mess to clean up.
Congratulations, you just mixed your first batch of juice by weight.


The basic values that you need to know for mixing by weight are below. All weights are written in grams per milliliter.