WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Alchem International is a premium supplier of nicotine to the vaping industry with over 75 years of experience producing high quality pharmaceutical ingredients, including their signature NicSelect Nicotine.

Over the years, NicSelect has become widespread among eLiquid manufacturers and DIY mixers alike due to its clean taste, high purity and relative affordability.

Choice Icon#1 choice for eLiquid manufacturers and DIY

Purity IconNear zero impurities greatly exceeds EP/USP standards

Light in taste and clear in color for a superior vape

100% naturally extracted nicotine from tobacco leaves

Apart from manufacturing a quality product, Alchem also promises a 100% integrated, secured and traceable supply chain, with substantial nicotine stocks available to ensure customers get a consistent, reliable supply of nicotine.

NicSelect Nicotine

4.8% | 10% Solutions

Available at Liquid Barn in your choice of nicotine strength and base liquid (PG or VG). NicSelect is our most affordable nicotine solution, while still providing a high quality vape experience.


Salt Nicotine / Technical Data

Salt Nicotine / Technical Data