Nicotine Feedback

Thank you for your interest and/or purchase of the Nicotine Feedback Kit. The purpose of the kit is to help us measure real world nicotine preferences within the vaping community. By participating in this evaluation, you are providing us with invaluable information as we assess new and current nicotine sources and formulations. We want to ensure our customers continue to receive only the best nicotine available. Please read the following instructions thoroughly before beginning your test.

Testing Method
There are three eLiquid variants:

1     2     3

Each variant contains a different nicotine.

The test is simple: vape all three variants and determine which you prefer the most. Like any good test, you want to try to reduce the amount of variables that would have an impact on your results. We recognize, however, that there are many external factors that could affect the experience of your vape. Not everyone will be able to swap out tanks, coils and cotton for every variant, but the more you can do to keep the cleanliness and settings of your mod consistent, the better your test results will be for all concerned.

— Step One —
Unflavored Test

Vape each variant by itself unflavored and determine which of the three you enjoy the most. Try to discern the characteristics of each nicotine. How harsh/smooth is it? Does it have a specific taste? If you can, compare variants in a single session and use the same amount from each bottle (important for step 2).

The survey below will ask you specifically about your Unflavored eLiquid Results. Continue to step two only after completing Survey 1 and only if you are comfortable flavoring your eLiquid.

— Step Two —
Flavored Test

After completing step one, you should have the same amount of unflavored eLiquid left in each bottle. Use the available space in the bottle to flavor your eLiquid with as little or as much flavor as you desire. This step requires some knowledge of the DIY process and you can measure/calculate your amount of flavor however you like, just be sure to keep it consistent for all three bottles. If needed, you can use the provided Tastemaker Card to quickly measure the percent of flavor added to your eLiquid. Each notch on the card represents one percent.

After thoroughly shaking your eLiquid (and steeping if needed), vape all three variants again and determine which one you enjoy the most. Take note of the way each nicotine variant is affecting the flavor of your vape. The survey below will ask you specifically about your Flavored eLiquid Results

— Step Three —
You're Done!

Thank you for providing your feedback for this nicotine evaluation. The voice of the community is vital to our decision making process, and we hope you enjoyed taking part in tasting each eLiquid and flavor. For your participation in our survey, you will receive a $5 gift card* sent to the email associated with your order. We look forward to seeing the results!

*Please allow up to a week for your gift card to be processed and emailed.