Specific Gravity

Specific Gravity is the ratio between the density of a substance and the density of a reference substance. In the vaping community, as with almost all others, the reference substance for liquid is water. Therefore, the specific gravity of any liquid would be its density divided by the density of water.

You don't really need to know the specific gravity of your liquids to mix by weight, but it is necessary when you want to maintain a percent by volume in your mix. Unless you're mixing eLiquid outside of Earth's atmosphere, simply multiply the specific gravity by your desired volume to get the amount of grams you will need to weigh for your mix. Learn more about mixing by weight.

Below is a list of the Specific Gravity for all of our liquid products

Liquid Product Specific Gravity
0mg Basic eLiquid 1.22 g/ml
3mg Basic eLiquid 1.22 g/ml
6mg Basic eLiquid 1.22 g/ml
12mg Basic eLiquid 1.22 g/ml
Propylene Glycol 1.04 g/ml
Vegetable Glycerin 1.26 g/ml
48mg Nicotine in PG 1.04 g/ml
48mg Nicotine in VG 1.25 g/ml
100mg Nicotine in PG 1.04 g/ml
100mg Nicotine in VG 1.24 g/ml
Baked Cinnamon Roll 1.01 g/ml
Bakers Touch
1.05 g/ml
1.00 g/ml
Belgian Waffle
1.00 g/ml
Blue Raspberry
1.23 g/ml
Butterscotch Graham Tobacco 0.98 g/ml
1.03 g/ml
Cherry Blossom Tea
1.01 g/ml
Chocolate Roll
1.00 g/ml
Coconut Milk
0.93 g/ml
Cola Freeze
1.21 g/ml
1.12 g/ml
Creme Brulee
1.15 g/ml
Dew Mountain
0.92 g/ml
Fresh Cream
1.13 g/ml
Greek Yogurt
0.95 g/ml
Green Apple
1.00 g/ml
1.09 g/ml
Lava Cake
1.04 g/ml
Menthol (Flavor Enhancer)
1.01 g/ml
Orange Banana
1.11 g/ml
Pacific Cooler
1.16 g/ml
1.13 g/ml
Piña Colada 1.05 g/ml
1.15 g/ml
Pink Lemonade
0.89 g/ml
Rainbow Sherbet
1.08 g/ml
Root Beer
0.97 g/ml
1.11 g/ml
Sour (Flavor Enhancer)
1.02 g/ml
Sour Gummy 1.04 g/ml
1.01 g/ml
Strawberry Cheesecake
1.06 g/ml
Sweet Pipe Tobacco
1.13 g/ml
Sweetener (Flavor Enhancer)
1.04 g/ml
1.02 g/ml
Vanilla Cream Tobacco
1.22 g/ml
Vanilla Ice Cream
1.04 g/ml
Vanilla Mint 1.03 g/ml
Vienna Cream
1.11 g/ml
White Chocolate Peppermint 1.03 g/ml


All Specific Gravity values are rounded to the nearest hundredth.  To learn more about specific gravity, visit our pages on calculating specific gravity and mixing by weight.