WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Steeping - Bringing Out the Flavors of Your eLiquid

Steeping is one of the most important aspects of mixing your own eLiquid. There are many different methods for this, and each flavor will impact how long you'll want to steep your eLiquid.  Some flavors taste better with longer steeping times, while others taste great in only a short amount of time. Steeping a flavor for too long or too little can have negative effects on the flavor of your mix.

We recommend you store your eLiquid in a cool, dark location, away from pets and children. You will want to agitate your batch a couple times a day, and open the lid to let air in at least once a day.  This will allow for your eLiquid to oxidize.

Again, the amount of time you let your eLiquid steep is determined by your flavor(s) and personal preference. Take notes every couple of days as you test and you will get a better idea of how long to steep your various recipes. Pay attention to your recipe's color, aroma, taste, fullness, etc.


Make sure you store your batch in an opaque bottle away from light. Shake the bottle well for about 1-2 minutes, or use a handheld mixer.
Uncap the bottle at the end of the day for about 30 seconds to allow your batch to start oxidizing.


Test your batch for taste, aroma, color, smell, and vapor production. Make sure to take notes.


Test your batch for sweetness, tartness, aroma, color, smell, vapor production. Make sure to take notes.

Repeat these steps until you are satisfied. Many juices may only need 1 day of steeping, depending on the complexity and ingredients of your blends. Tobacco blends and multiple flavor blends tend to taste better as they mature. Simple fruit based flavors may have enough punch right off the bat.

Taking notes during the process will allow you to gauge your recipes and work towards perfection.

Begin experimenting with our DIY Starter Kit, or stock up on more flavors and supplies to continue testing your recipes.