Trabuco Vapors



Trabuco Vapors was built on the idea that their collective love of fine tobacco (specifically pipe tobacco) could be expressed through vaping, but without having to burn tobacco leaves to enjoy it. The saw a market lacking a supply of fine tobacco flavored juices.

Trabuco naturally extracts all of their tobacco flavoring from untreated whole tobacco leaves, as well as making flavor extractions from non-tobacco sources such as various spices. They use 100% VG to form the base of all their juices.

Trabuco also has a background in crafting wooden pipes in which they wanted to incorporate into the foundation of their company. Trabuco established their millworks at the same time they started their juice kitchen. They make hand carved mod stands out of exotic and rare hardwoods in the idea that their love for pipe tobacco can meld with their love for vaping.

The name of their company and the names of their juices are all inspired by the early history and the vibrant culture of old Orange County.