BASIC DIY Bottle Pack

BASIC DIY Bottle Pack

$ 4.99

BASIC DIY Bottles are designed for optimal DIY mixing. Detach the removable tip and use the fill meter to measure the amount of liquid needed for your mix. Each notch represents 1% of the bottle. With BASIC DIY Bottles, all that’s left for you to get started is your liquid ingredients and recipe. No additional labware needed

Flavor your eLiquid with any of our Tastemaker Flavors, or design your own flavor profile with Liquid Barn Flavor Concentrates (engineered for eLiquid).

For more precise measuring and mixing, check out our Scale Kit (mix by weight) or Labware Kit (mix by volume).

All BASIC DIY Bottles come labeled with a printed fill meter, removable tip, Nicotine WARNING, and blank area for you to design your own label.