WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
DIY eJuice Bottle 5 Pack
DIY eJuice Bottle 5 Pack

DIY eJuice Bottle 5 Pack

$ 4.99

DIY eJuice Bottles are designed for optimal DIY mixing. Detach the removable tip and use the fill meter to approximate the liquid amounts needed for your mix. No additional labware required! Each notch of the fill meter represents 1% of the total bottle.

5 Pack Includes:
5x Empty 60ml Bottles
5x Removable Tips
5x Child Resistant Caps
5x DIY eJuice Bottle Labels*

*Labels come separated so that you can more easily write on and design before applying to your bottle. Each label has the following features:

Nicotine Warning - for proper safety and regulatory compliance of your bottle
Nicotine Strength Box - for writing in your nicotine strength
Fill Meter - for approximate measurements of your liquids
Blank Space - for personalized label names and custom designs

For more precise measuring and mixing, check out our Scale Kit (mix by weight) or Labware Kit (mix by volume).