Flavor Cartridge
Flavor Cartridge
Flavor Cartridge

Flavor Cartridge

$ 8.99 $ 9.99

The Liquid Barn Flavor Cartridge has everything you need to flavor your own eLiquid. No labware needed. No calculating recipes. Just get a bottle of Unflavored eLiquid and a Flavor Cartridge and you're ready to be a Tastemaker.

Whats in the box?!

  • 60ml bottle of your chosen flavor concentrate.
  • An empty 30ml Unicorn Bottle (Chubby Gorilla) for you to mix your eLiquid in. 
  • A Tastemaker Card that will help you mix the appropriate amount of flavor.

Click here for the suggested percentages for all Liquid Barn flavors.

Learn more about flavoring your own eLiquid.

Adding flavoring will have a slight impact on your eLiquid nicotine strength.  Take a look at our
eLiquid Dilution Chart to get an estimate of just how much.