WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Labware Kit

$ 32.99

All the labware you need to start mixing your own eLiquid safely and accurately. The Labware Kit also includes containers to store your finished eLiquid in.

Labware Kit Includes:

Labware Kit Manual
10x - Safety Gloves (5 pairs)
1x - Graduated Cylinder (25ml)
1x - Graduated Cylinder (10ml)
2x - 100ml Beaker
2x - 10ml Luer-lock Syringe
2x - 5ml Luer-lock Syringe
10x - 1ml Luer-slip Syringe
1x - 14 Gauge Blunt Tip Needle
1x - 16 Gauge Blunt Tip Needle
1x - 18 Gauge Blunt Tip Needle
5x - 60ml DIY eJuice Bottle
1x - Electric eLiquid Mixer