WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Scale Kit for DIY eLiquid - LB 501

Scale Kit for DIY eLiquid - LB 501

$ 34.99

Liquid Barn's Scale Kit is for DIY mixers who want more precision when mixing their eLiquid. If the exact measurement of liquids is important to you, then this kit will provide you the accuracy that you need. The LB-501 scale has a 500 gram capacity with 0.01g resolution and includes a tare button for multiple measurements. It's the perfect scale for all levels of DIY mixers, beginner to advanced.

Our Scale Kit also includes 5x DIY eJuice Bottles for quick, easy mixing with no clean up. They include a removable tip for easy filling and a customizable label with a fill meter for quick measuring.

LB-501 Scale Specs

  • 500 gram capacity with 0.01g resolution
  • Units of measure include: g, oz, dwt
  • Includes two (2) 200g calibration weights
  • Four AA batteries included

DIY eJuice Bottle Specs

  • Removable tip for easy pour right into bottle
  • Unicorn Bottle with CRC Cap
  • Customizable Label
  • Fill Meter for quick measuring
  • Tobacco WARNING

If you are new to mixing by weight, please refer to our Mixing eLiquid by Weight page. Bookmark our eLiquid Calculator for calculating your mixes and saving your recipes to pdf.